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                       Suncrest Sunset       March 4, 2019
"Happiness held is in the seed;
       happiness shared is in the flower"
        Author unknown
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 * Master Gardener Association  (LCMGA) Meeting

              End of 2020 Growing Season
                  for Southeast Michigan

NWS Detroit/Pontiac will no longer issue Frost Advisories or Freeze Warnings as of October 19, 2020 for the remainder of the cold season.  The growing season has come to an end across Southeast Lower Michigan.  The combination of several days with low temperatures around freezing over the past month and the time of year with the lowering sun angle has effectively ended the growing season. 
Frost Advisories and Freeze Warnings will be issued again at the start of the next growing season in the Spring of 2021.
          Please Note:
         *    ONLY Medical Personnel 
                 allowed into Suncrest
         * You may not use the restrooms inside.
         * Do Not try to enter at the employee entrance.
         * The restrooms in the pavilion are not open.

By Executive Order  #EO 2020-21
         March 24, 2020 through April 13, 2020
This order must be construed broadly to prohibit
in-person work that is not necessary to sustain
or protect life.
Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

for a summary please click: Executive Order
Stay at Home Order
extended through April 30, 2020

By Executive Order  #EO 2020-42
for a summary please click: Executive Order
Stay at Home Order
extended thru May 15, 2020

By Executive Order #EO 2020-59
Mask Order
effective July 13, 2020

Executive Order #EO 2020-147
Mask Order
effective July 17, 2020

Executive Order #EO 2020-153

Please click to read this important 
notice from MSU Extension:

                  PLEASE NOTE
       Master Gardening Events are CANCELED 
         during 2020 due to CORONA VIRUS
 We won't be having meetings or scheduled workdays at least until after January 2021

 Please email Mary if you have any questions.
                   ** HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL **
                   PLEASE CHECK BACK
                    for the 2021 schedule

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