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Tidbits & Recipes

Useful hints for busy Gardeners

Garden for Wildlife Program

Click for bee friendly gardening from NWF

Oak Wilt in Michigan

Click for March 30, 2018 article from MSU Extension

Click for link to :Michigan DNR

Native Plant Sale at For-Mar (Genesee County Parks)

Click for:mail order form

Must be submitted by May 25, 2018

Orders must be picked up on June 2, 10 AM - 2 PM

Bee-harming Pesticides banned

Click for link to April 27, 2018 article

Oak Wilt in Michigan info from MSU

Click for link to February 26, 2017 article

Click for link to Morton Arboretum - Oak Wilt

Sore Muscle Cream from Feb 1 presentation on Herbs


Smart Gardening to Support Monarchs

Click for link to January 6, 2017 article

Monarch Migration and Overwintering

Click for link to USDA article

Stop deer damage in your garden

Click for link to December 20, 2016 article

Michigan Christmas Trees

Click for MSU Extension bulletin E3230

Eastern Monarch at Risk?

Click for link to April 18, 2016 article: Butterfly

Desert Bloom in Death Valley National Park

Click for link to April 13 article: "super bloom"

Pollinators presented by Abi Saeed at MG meeting.
Please click on following links for more information:
Invite pollinators
Gardening for pollinators
Smart lawns for pollinators

Beekeeping from Purdue: E - 53 .pdf
MSUE Bulletin - Attracting Benefficial Insects: E - 2973

Native Plant Sale at For-Mar (Genesee County Parks)

May 28, 2016

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Click for details:Plant Sale

Mail order form:2016 plant list

Eco Days at Seven Ponds

May 14 and 15, 2016

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Please click for more details: Plant Sale

Bee crisis linked to virus

Click for Feb. 8, 2016 article: Bee Crisis

9 Honeybee friendly plants

Click for July 24, 2015 article: friendly plants

Flower blooms in space on board International

Space Station

Click for Jan. 19, 2016 article: SPACE FLOWER

Popular pesticide may harm bees

for Jan. 13, 2016 article click: neonicotinoid

Neonicotinoid Pesticide info from NWF

Please click for Dec. 11, 2015 article: pollinators

Caring For Roses

Notes from Chad Perkins - Dec. 4, 2015

Please click for info: ROSE INFO 2015

Chad Perkins Warrior Dash

Please click for info: CHAD PERKINS WARRIOR 2016

Lawn Problem in Hot Dry Weather

For Aug 7, 2015 article click: HEAT TRACKING IN LAWNS (MSUE)

The Monarch Butterfly Needs Your Help

For more info please click here

New Label for Neonicotinoid Products

For Feb 15, 2015 article click:

Six Ways To Save Monarchs in NWF

For Feb 10, 2015 article click: SAVE MONARCHS

Lapeer Herb Circle

for Feb. 11, 2015 meeting information

click for poster LAPEER HERB CIRCLE

Monarch Q&A (1-20-15)
click here for link

Monarch, loss of migration... (1-15-15)

click here for link

Everything About Roses

click here for link

Kitchen Moths Problem

click here for link

More Monarchs Return to Mexico

click here for link

Bromeliads Propagating Guide

click here for link

Desert Mistletoe

click here for more information on this parasite

Click below for " Is That Plant Dead ?"

IS THAT PLANT DEAD ? (April 2014)

Click below for Christmas Cactus Care


Rain Gardens - Stormwater Management

click here for information from the City of Ann Arbor


100 year anniversary of Smith-Lever Act

for news article click here

Bee Safe Gardening Tips

For a two page flyer click here 

New tests find bee-killing pesticides in 51% of “bee-friendly” plants from garden centers across U.S. and Canada.

For more info click link to: News Release

Planting garden center flowers is good for bees

and other beneficial insects.

For more info click link to: MSU Extension News

Are Your Nursery Plants Being Treated

With Bee-Killing Chemicals?

For more info click link to: Mother Earth News

Spring 2014 brings slow leaf-out of plants.

For more info click link to: MSU Extension 

Click for link to: Oakland Wildflower Farm

Ruth Vrbensky, proprietor

(Speaker at April 2, 2014 Master Gardener meeting)

Garden Plastic Recycling Program

Please save those empty plastic pots and bring them

to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

1633 N. Lapeer Rd., Lapeer 48446

#2 and #5 will join the regular 1st & 3rd Saturday

recycle program.

#6 will need to be separate for special collection.

Soil must be knocked out of all containers !

ReStore hours : M - F 9AM - 5PM

Sat. 9AM - 3PM

Michigan Honey Festival


Click here for more information

Deer resistant plants

Click here to download pdf

Click below for Dec. 6, 2013 article


Christmas Party Dip Recipe Dec. 6, 2013


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